Mohamed Essa attended The first Professional Certified Meta Coach in the Middle East with Dr.Michael Hall

Mohamed Essa statused his facebook page by this warms words

الحمد الله انا سعيد كوني اني حضرت اول كورس


في الشرق الاوسط و ان اكون من اول 3 افراد يحضروا هذا الكورس في الشرق الاوسط و الحمد الله
Thanks a lot Dr. Michael Hall for conducting Professional Certified Meta Coach workshop for the first time in the Middle East,

It was amazing experience to move forward to a higher level of coaching in the Meta Coaching school, the new learned skills are amazing and these skills goes directly to the hear of things which let you feel the deep value of that science.

Thank you very much Dr. Michael Hall for Professional Certified Meta Coach workshop

Thanks for the clients who responded to my free coaching sessions offer. Thanks for you really for bringing real challenges to the table.”



Dr Michael Hall comment



with my IBM Egypt Managers and Colleagues

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Oooooh IBM, by chance I met my beautiful managers and colleagues in IBM Egypt 🇪🇬
It is nice to remember the old days and the beautiful people, I have learned a lot from that place and from these people

اليوم العالمي للتأمل و السلام الداخلي 2017 World Tai Chi and Chi Kung Day 2017 Egypt

الحمد الله انتهى اليوم العالمي للتأمل و السلام الداخلي تحت تنظيم المدرب محمد عيسى و مؤسستة

بلو لوتس ولبينج  Blue Lotus Wellbeing Foundation


World Healing Meditation Day اليوم العالمي للتأمل و السلام الداخلي 2017



اليوم باذن الله اجتمع مع المتطوعين في اليوم العالمي للتأمل و السلام الداخلي و الذي سوف يكون يوم 18 مارس 2017 و هذه هي المره التاسعه على التوالي  و يستمر اليوم لاكثر من 10 ساعات متواصله من التدريبات و المحاضرات و الفرحه و البهجه

يا رب التوفيق لكل المشاركين


محمد عيسى

المسؤل عن تنظيم اليوم في جمهورية مصر العربية

Mohamed Essa with Dr. Michael Hall

Mohamed Essa just finished assisting with Dr. Michael Hall for 3rd time in Life Coaching ACMC course.

Study in Cairo Egypt Hypnotherapy with Robert Lewis




كورس التنويم الايحائي، تتشرف مؤسسة بلو لوتس ولبينج ان تقدم لكم ورشة عمل فى التنويم الايحائي مع الدكتور روبيرت لويس
المستوى الاول و المستوى الثاني
المستوى الاول : خمسة ايام في الفترة من 27 ديسمبر الى 31 ديسمبر
من الساعه 5:00 مساءا الي 9:45 مساء
ماعدا يومي الجمعه و السبت من الساعه 10:00 صباحا الى 6 مساءا
المستوى الثاني : خمسة ايام في الفتره من 3 يناير الى 7 يناير
من الساعة 5:00 مساءا الى 9:45 مساءا
ماعدا يومي الجمعة و السبت من الساعة 10:00 صباحا الى 6 مساءا
يتاح الفرصه لدارسي المستوى الاول من مدارس اخرى ان يتقدموا الى المستوى الثاني مباشرة و يتطلب ذلك اظهار شهادة المستوى الاول قبل الدورة
يقوم بالتدريس دكتور روبيرت لويس
انتهز الفرصة في الحجز المبكر للعشرة مقاعد الاولى
اتصل الان على 01096664262
مع تحيات
بلو لوتس ولبينج
شكرا جزيلا لكم
Blue Lotus has the honor to invite you to one of the stronger courses that is being organized by Blue Lotus Wellbeing.
AIHI Hypnosis Level 1 will be lead by a professional doctor in the field of Hypnosis.
Hypnosis Level 1
December 27 – 31
Hypnosis Level 2
January 3 to 7
With a professional trainers Dr Robert Lewis
Hypnosis Level one
Workshop Description:
– This five -day workshop “Fundamentals of Hypnosis” provdies an overall understanding of what Hypnotherapy is and give greater clarity about how a meditative state can be used therapeutically.
– How to create a trance induction and utilize it safely.
– Give a concept of the unconscious and rationales for how Hypnotherapy works.
– A basic understanding of hypnotic language and the power of suggestion.
– The opportunity to practice and learn to deepen skills.
Course outline
– The teaching will incorporate group meditation for learning by observation and to accelerate understanding.
– Development of hypnotic language and an awareness of body language.
– An understanding of self hypnosis and the power of suggestion.
There will be one to one practice sessions and the development of observation skills.
– How to conduct a session with a client including information gathering.
– How to enter into a clients frame of reference.
– How to induce a trance, deepen it, utilize it, then make a post hypnotic suggestion before reorientation.
– The use of indirect suggestions.
– Robert Lewis will draw upon his extensive experience with Clients in London over many years and discuss how to use goal centered therapy.
For whom
Those wishing to practice as a professional Hypnotherapist and those seeking self development that leads to achieving their own goals in an easier way.
As an additional skill and understanding for those already practicing as a therapist in another discipline or a physical therapy.
Why Attend and what you will gain.
These insights are hugely beneficial to anyone who seeks self awareness and an understanding of how human beings influence each other and how goals are achieved.
Having greater understanding of how human beings function has often lead to greater happiness and peace of mind.
Confidence can often be built rapidly with these understandings.
Relationships can often be more effective and people can assert themselves in a way which is benign to others.
People often find that they can go on to manifest life goals more easily and so become higher achievers.
Hypnosis Level Two
– Building on the basic course and refining skills.
– Techniques which are NLP based explored.
– Robert Lewis’s own Gestalt in Trance technique which incorporates drama therapy demonstrated.
– An understanding of guided imagery and how it is utilized in a hypnotic state.
– The use of Metaphors and story telling.
– An understanding of Gestalt dream analysis.
– How to improvise as various situations arise and the use of imaginary contracts.
– The concept of moving negative elements and either transforming them or removing them from the body.
– This course will have an organic element which takes into account the various attendees understandings and builds upon that making the learning absolutely relevant to them.
Professional Bio of Robert Lewis
This Words had been written by Robert to introduce him self :
Robert was born in Ipswich in the County of Suffolk in the year 1946 in Britain just after the Second World War ended of mixed Welsh Scottish and English blood.
From an early age I became fascinated with my Scottish ancestry and in particular by the story of Rob Roy Macgregor a Scottish Clan Chieftain of the eighteenth century who was unfairly victimised and lived as an outlaw always escaping and championing the poor.
I was sent to a private school which was authoritarian and violent.
I read the autobiography Seven years in Tibet at 12 which was my first encounter with non violent philosophy and by 13 years old had joined the campaign for nuclear disarmament.
I could argue the case with adults in the street as I handed out leaflets.
My focus was on becoming an artist and for me that meant a painter.
I left home essentially running away from both a violently disciplined home and a school which offered the same regime.
I worked as a salesman all over Britain from door to door selling magazine subscriptions which became a basis for being aware of the power of communications.
I applied for a place at Ipswich Art College and was given one on the condition that I got some academic qualifications within a year.
I achieved this and was allowed to stay for a second year.
It was then that the course changed from being traditional to a radical shift under the tutelage of a group of professional London artists who introduced us to Philosophy, Psychology and Cybernetics the work of Gregory Bateson. We were taught systems analysis and his newly invented concept of ecology. Alumni included Brian Eno.
I achieved a degree in fine art at Ravensbourne college in Kent in 1968.
During that year I partnered up with Vashti Bunyan a singer song writer signed to the Rolling Stones management.
both of us wanted to find a different more moral rural path in life and under the influence of singer songwriter Donovan who was interested in creating a Renaissance of the arts on the west coast of Scotland we set out on the journey north in a small horse drawn wagon. During the two year journey we wrote together an album of songs which was recorded by Joe Boyd.
This album was of little interest at the time however by 2001 Just Another Diamond Day was a world wide best seller and regarded by many young musicians as their formative influence and Vashti became the pop star in her 60’s performing to 2000 seat venues that she had dreamed to do at aged 19.
There followed a period as an antique dealer and the purchase of a farm just north of Glasgow in the hills. Here I breed heavy horses and trained them as well as employing young people as cabinet makers often from troubled pasts. I transferred the positive reinforcement training of horses to the young apprentices. It was highly successful and we prospered.
By 1989 I was travelling to Romania taking medical aid and supplies to the newly liberated orphanages used as a deprecation experiment which the party leaders thought could create loyal and programmed secret security police.
I saw cruelties to young children which traumatised me and I became obsessed with righting as much as I could the terrible conditions I saw there where children died alone of neglect and lack of human contact.
I was joined in this endeavour by a new partner the actress Susan Penhaligon. By 1993 I had graduated with a diploma from the Uk college within St Charles hospital in London.
I was offered a post teaching basic and advanced Hypnosis and encountered Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna the later became a friend and I witnessed some of the human abilities he made a TV series about.
I set up the Lewis Clinic at number one Harley street in 1993 with referrals from Paul Mckenna’s office.
I specialised in working with artists of all kinds including ballet dancers, opera singers, pop singers, writers, actors, film directors and anyone in the creative arts. My work was goal centred and my task based therapy aimed for fast resolution. I also liked to work with physical manifestations such as skin diseases. I developed several approaches borrowing from Gestalt and drama therapy.
Positive reinforcement and zero criticism I transposed from my work with horses and young cabinet makers.
I studied for a year with Harry Oldfield learning about the etheric body and electro magnetic fields. I saw him develop a Kerlian movie camera and his ability to observe the chakras.
My long term coaching work was with mainly film makers and actors wishing to achieve a step by step goals.
I helped Brian Eno to make the Cold Play album Viva La Vida using group trance to stimulate creativity.
I teamed up with Jane Harrison to apply these hypnotic ideas to the teaching of drama students. I worked for ten years with her at Arts Educational Schools Chiswick. Jane is now the Dean and Arts Ed it is by far the most successful drama college both in acting and musical theatre in Britain. Andrew Lloyd Webber gave her 3.5 million pounds to develop the theatres in the college.
I retired from the Lewis Clinic in 2012 leaving it in the capable hands of my protégée Katie Abbott.
I was asked by Michael Ferguson who had a 45 year career with the BBC to co develop an innovative screen acting approach based on meditation.
This has become very successful under the name of the Actors Screen Collective based at the Actors Centre in Covent Garden.
A book documenting the approach has been completed. In between my travels I conduct seminars and workshops as requested.
After initial success with one school I have been asked by 20 primary schools to speak to the staff about my ideas for a teaching approach of very young children which uses a positive communication system.
I currently travel almost continuously between Greece, Scotland, England, Moroccan Sahara and the Far East.
in Greece I spend much time alone sailing my small boat between islands and contemplating for long periods in the middle of the blue Aegean Sea.
Hypnosis Level one
5 Days Course
27th – 31st December 2016
Hypnosis Level two
5 Days Course
3rd to 7th January 2017
Hypnosis Level One
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 5pm to 9:45 pm –
Friday and Satruday from 10 am to 7 pm
Hypnosis Level Two
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 5pm to 9:45 pm –
Friday and Satruday from 10 am to 7 pm
For Information and Registeration
Call Blue Lotus Wellbeing
Course Location
Blue Lotus Wellbeing Foundation
19 Ibrahim Salem st, Koliat El Banat , Heliopolis , Cairo
Methods of payment:
At Blue Lotus Wellbeing Office
HSBC Bank Deposit/Transfer
CIB Bank Deposit/Transfer
For booking and information call
Workshop Fees
Early Registerations Prices :
Hypnosis Level One Fees
First 10 positions 4900 L.E
Second 10 positions 5300 L.E
5 Days Course
27th – 31st December 2016
Hypnosis Level Two Fees
First 10 positions 5200 L.E
Second 10 positions 5700 L.E
5 Days Course
3rd to 7th January 2017
Blue Lotus Wellbeing Foundation Address
19 Ibrahim Salem st, Koliat El Banat , Heliopolis , Cairo
For more information please call
01096664262 – Blue Lotus office number
Blue Lotus Wellbeing Foundation
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