Express to Impress

Ride your internal Horse, do not hold it

Horses need a free running, Horses need a space to express and impress

Free your internal Horse, EXPRESS your TRUE SELF, IMPRESS your self with your TRUE SELF

horse jump

sure I would like to hear from you , leave your comment below by sharing your emotions and ideas

Mohamed Essa

Horses and Cheetahs

Today , I am riding my inner Horse –  the power or endurance and elegance

Arabian Horse


, Today I am targeting  with my inner Cheetah – the power of speed and focusing.


If you are connected to your inner , or you are looking for the deep touch inside you leave your commend below.

I would like you to share your thoughts and ideas.

Mohamed Essa

2-8-2014 12:51 pm


True Self

connect to the Original You, get in touch with your Center, feel the Integrity, discover your True Self

That is Enlightenment


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