Chromatic Healing

Chromatic Healing




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Course duration 4 days , 5 hours per day

Are you interested to learn a new quick & effective method of Energy healing?

Do you want to know more about protecting your aura & enhancing your positive energy?

Get introduced to the most updated technique in Color Healing – Chromatic Healing

Chromatic Healing (New Method of Color Healing)

Chromatic Healing is a new approach in using energy in order to enhance Health, Relations and even to overcome illness.

Learning this technique does not require any prior knowledge. We will start from the scratch.

In this training:

  •  You will learn more about Energy: how it works, and how to handle any disharmony.
  •  You will acquire the ability to see Auras and sense its energy.
  •  You will be able to diagnose Characters’ ( energy centers ) imbalance.


Training Outline:

  • Breathing techniques: Get essential information on Human body, how to breathe correctly and why people need to relax.
  • Energy defense : Come to realize why do you need protection, how to obtain it and how to protect yourself against “Negative Energy”.
  • Energy Sensation: This training is designed specifically to facilitate enhancing the participants’ ability to sense energy and its impact.
  • Cosmic/ Global energy: how we are connected to cosmic energy, its effect on humans physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  •  Its origin and background on various concepts related to awareness and energy healing.
  • History of Chromatic Healing
  • The workshop is a combination of lecture, discussion and experience.
  • Practice time includes giving and receiving a complete Chromatic Healing session using all the chromatic hand positions and techniques,
  • the Self Healing, practice also included.
  • Distant healing, and practice using all the Chromatic Techniques mentioned above.
  • Chromatic Meditation: Introduction on meditation (including safety rules) and especially customized healing meditation prepared for this training.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Bio-energy definition
  • Bio-energy types
  • Chromatic energy definition
  • Sources of diseases in the body
  • Types of negative energy
  • Imbalances types that affect our body
  • Chromatic philosophy about healing and re balancing our body
  • Chromatic methods to re balance the energy
  • Chromatic different hand techniques
  • 16 main Chakras
  • Chakras function
  • Chakras diagnosis
  • Colors, purposes and functions associated with the chakras.
  • Aura sensing
  • Aura seeing
  • Colors associated with the Aura
  • The relation between the imbalances in the body and the colors
  • Psychological imbalances and the colors relation
  • Physical imbalances and the colors relation
  • Health issues and how to apply chromatic healing on them
  • Session preparation
  • Healing others
  • Healing your self
  • Distant Healing
  • Chromatic Meditation
  • and more …

Chromatic Healing

Training duration

4 days , 5 hours per day

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact:

 , 01096664262

Training is delivered by Master Mohamed Essa Mekawy

About Mohamed Essa:

Mohamed Essa  is the founder of Blue Lotus Well-being in Cairo – Egypt  , a global  foundation specialized in the area Mind and Body wellness and development, also he is a co-founder for Hayat Wellness Center  in Alexandria – Egypt.

Mohamed Essa is a human development public speaker.

Mohamed Essa is the executive chief of Blue Lotus Well-being, Blue Lotus hosted for the last successive 6 years the World Healing Meditation Day.

Mohamed is a Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist – Beijing China , Chinese Dao Yin Trainer  , Chinese Chi Kung Trainer – Beijing China

Mohamed has more than 20 years experience in the field.

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