Enlightened realtionship

the idea of marrying for just to be married , or engaging for just to be engaged
is a reflection for the idea of having for just to have or owning to be an owner

There is a great difference between the idea of owning for the sake of ownership and controlling
and the idea of finding the self in another person

completing your life with another person , it is not the same way of thinking when go for shopping , shopping is only one way relationship, you find what suit you then you buy it and you do not ask it ” Hey suit..do you also like me 🙂 ? hey suit .. do you accept me to buy you 🙂 My shoes do you accept that we continue our life together :)) ?  ”

marriage is not the same way , it is a 2 way relationship , you may feel attracted to some one , but the question ” is he or she also feel the same way ? ”

is that attraction is enough to  build a life or we need more than attraction ? may be understanding may be common target may be common feelings or any thing  else

my idea about marriage is not only finding some one who you like or be in love with , but it is find some one to find your self in and that person will find her self in me
it is something like looking at the surface of the river on a quiet day you will see your self on the water surface , you will see your self but shaped by water.

your partner is the water for your life , like the water for the plant
it feeds the plant and make it richer and enlightened

it is a 2 way relationship as you have right to choose the other person have right to accept

it is a yin yang relationship , which means 2 ways road


Mohamed Essa



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