The first flight toward change


The idea behind the first flight for a bird is leaving the comfort zone and taking the way for change.

The challenge in the first flight feeling is facing all the thoughts which are combined with fear, facing the unknown

facing the uncertainty

are you able to ?  it is not a question if you are able to do the thing that you are intended to do ?  it is a question about are you able to face fear , unknown , uncertainty ,instability ? first-flight

will you able to take it ? adapt to it ?  to what limit  ? for how long ?

in any point that we decide the to take the first flight we all wish to know exactly the point that we have to stop at because we will loose after ?

the secret of the first flight always is knowing the stopping point , or which I will give it the name the zero point ,

the zero point is the axises at which before you are stable and after you unstable.

at the zero point every thing change , and such change have many shapes and combinations  , but the must is the zero , zero weight  or zero speed , zero height , zero width. that zero point have coordinates in space and time  and after this coordinates every thing get reversed from slow to fast and from fast to slow , from up to down and from down to up.


from down to up and vice verse

We need to change , but in the same time we need to be stable

even when we need to change some times we look for a stable change

it is something like a bird wants to fly by hanging on something else, actually that is not flying , it is simply a state of being dependent.

when the bird decide to take its first flight , it is not a

decision to fly , it is a deep decision for flying to the land of dependency

and thinking too much about what after the zero point is a decision to delay or not to fly ever.

the fear from the first flight comes from thinking too much in the zero point and what is after the zero point.


we are seeking balance on the earth , and our eyes is looking between the sky asking about how to fly ?

the ability to

balance between the sky is the real balance with unexpected change which is the skill of adapting with uncertainty. 

if you are able to balance and adapt with the unexpected changes and the idea of uncertainty that is flying skill.

flying is not as walking , you have to differentiate between walking and flying , when you decide to be a bird which it will fly as the other birds so you have to stop thinking with your legs but start thinking with your wings.

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1 Comments on “The first flight toward change”

  1. Be like bird think like bird
    like the idea you speaks about some points needs to be separate articles point
    2. Independency
    This article can count as an introduction as you speaks in short lines to the target waiting for the rest
    Mixing vedio with the artilce is brilliant idea (y)


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