Inner Smile

Don't Cry... Smile...,,


We will share 3 days from our beautiful life together inshAllah 🙂 , we will learn , study , exercise , eat together. Join BIG family, feel love and safe among us inshAllah.

Positive attitude comes with a smile! Negative thoughts are infectious. Once you wear a long face, it affects all around you. Optimists have failures too, but they tend to blame the failure on factors that are external to themselves, temporary and specific to this instance. For negative person however, they claim it is their own fault, and it always happens to them.


Let me take your hand and start looking for full half of the glass. Let us spread the smile and love inside our body. Smile to yourself, Smile to your body, feel love to your body, feel love to your existence, feel love to your surroundings. Let us come together to change our magnet and start attracting LOVE and SMILEs to our daily life.

Once you walk with an Energy of Smiling automatically you will draw people towards you subconsciously, automatically you will act as a magnet, other people will want to join you, and speak with you.

For more details or to register in this amazing training please call 0106543136 now

The Inner Smile is Healing and relaxation meditation in our School. It calms and strengthens your nervous system by bringing the energy and essence of a smile into your body. The Inner Smile harmonizes your emotions and enables your body to rejuvenate itself with healing light.

In the course you will understand more about your body and mind relationship, also I will talk in the course for more understanding about the Physical body problems and Emotions problems in our daily life. You will see and touch the effect of the physical problem and emotional problems on your physical and mental balance.

Your will be guided to a new power perspective, The mind power and how that can help you in changing your life and your life window.


What you will learn
Smiling and Love Energy to yourself and your outer shape
Smiling to the Third Eye
Smiling to the main body Internal Organs
Smiling to the second Body Organs
Smiling to the Brain
Smile to the whole Body 🙂

– Understanding more about the Body problem causes from the Emotions perspective, and vice versa
– More understanding to the Human Body BioEnergy System.
– Understanding to the concept of Emotions Alchemy and Emotions Control.
– Feel love to your body and your shape and your organs.
– The Inner Smile meditation helps you handle life’s everyday challenges
– Stay centered in the most trying of situations
– Transforming stress into vitality.
– More understanding about the behavior of stress in our body.
– Stress control
– Body Balance
– Mind Balance

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