Mohamed Essa محمد عيسى


Mohamed Essa  is a wellbeing trainer, focusing in the training about how to reach a health life and wealth through energy and positive thinking.

Mohamed had studied Computer Engineering College – Egypt.  In 1994  he started practice Meditation and Chi Kung  with his Kung Fu teacher Sifu Emad El Sherbeny who guided him to Chinese Zen Meditation and the self discovery journey at that early age to tansform his life and consciousness in that young age,  in 2006 Mohamed continued his study after that with Dr.Yehia Fawzy one of the middle east experts in Tai Chi Quan and Chi Kung. before that in  2005 Mohamed joined IBM Egypt as a senior software engineer in TDC.

In 2007 Mohamed started the first movement in Egypt to meditate int the parks by his group FREE Dynamic Meditation.
In 2008 Mohamed started his study with Mantak Chia and in 2009 he became a certified teacher from Mantak Chia. In 2010 he become a certified Pranic Healing instructor.

in 2011 Mohamed traveled to China for the 3rd time to study Traditional Chinese Medicine to deep in his knowledge in Acupuncture, in China also he started to to increase and deep in his Tui Shou skills in Tai Chi Quan.

In 2012 Mohamed founded LOTUS Bio-energy Foundation, to teach and spread the bio-energy science.


I have focused my energy in the Self Discovery and Self Mastery , and my aim is delivering to all the people a simple way to start applying that.

In my workshops, the  target is delivering a high quality of teaching and exercises in my workshops.And giving the students the chance to implement and apply what they learned, that give them the chance to wide there understanding and benefits.



  • Arab Academy for Science and Technology , Egypt
  • Compuer Engineering Department – 2001
  • Chinese Medecine Accupuncture and Moxa Institute , China Beijing
  • Chinese Medecine Specialist  2010
  • Pranic Healing and Inner Studies , Manilla Philipine
  • Pranic Healing Teacher 2008
  • Tao Philosophy Organisation, Thailand
  • Taoist Philosophy Teacher and Trainer Thailand
  • Color Therapy , Germany
  • EFT  1- 2- 3 ,  Denmark
  • Wellbeing therapy 1 – 2 – 3 , Spain
  • NeuroSemantics ACMC Life Coach, USA



  •  Human Development Expert
  •  BioEnergy Expert
  •  Chinese Medecine Specialist
  •  Project ManagerPersonal Skills
  •  BioEnergy Healing
  •  Meditation Mentor and Teacher
  •  Self Healing Teacher


  •  World Healing Meditation Day – USA ,  Egypt representer and the event organiser every year in Egypt.
  •  Head of World Healing Meditation Day – Egypt Team
  •  International BioEnergy Foundation –– Head and Manager
  •  Kinetic Healing – Lotus Foundation Teacher
  •  Kinetic Healing Level 1  , Lotus Foundation
  •  Kinetic Healing Level 2  , Lotus Foundation
  •  Kinetic Healing Level 3  , Lotus Foundation
  •  Kinetic Healing Level 4  , Lotus Foundation
  •  Kinetic Healing Level 5   , Lotus Foundation
  • Chromatic Healing , Lotus Foundation Teacher
  • Chromatic Healing Level 1  , Lotus Foundation
  • Chromatic Healing Level 2 , Lotus Foundation
  • Chromatic Healing Level 3 , Lotus Foundation
  •  FDM FREE Dynamic Meditation – Founder
  •  Color Healing Level 1 certified – Sweden
  •  Color Healing Level 2 certified – Sweden
  •  Color Healing Level 3 certified – Sweden
  •  Pranic Healing and Inner Studies – Manilla Philipine – Egypt branch Head and Manager
  •  Pranic Healing Certified Teacher
  •  Pranic Healing Man Essence Certified
  •  Pranic Healing Feng Shui Certified
  •  Pranic Healing Arhatic Yoga Certified
  •  Pranic Healing Super Brain Yoga Certified
  •  Pranic Healing Psycho Therapy Certified
  •  Pranic Healing Crystal Healing Certified
  •  Pranic Healing Self Defense Certified
  •  Pranic Healing Advanced Certiried
  •  Pranic Healing Basic Level certified.
  •  Chinese Medecine Certified Specialist – Beijing China
  •  Tao organisation – Thailand  Certified Teacher
  •  Tao organisation Certified Iron Shirt Teacher
  • 1911_52081994244_5378_n
  •  Dynamic Meditation Teacher
  •  Tao organisation Certified Dao Yin Teacher
  •  Tao organisation Certified Dynamic Meditation Teacher
  •  Tao organisation Certified Cosmic Healing
  •  Tao organisation Certified Healing Exercises
  •  Tao organisation Certified Chinese Massage Level 1
  •  Tao organisation Certified Chinese Massage Level 2
  •  Reiki Healing Level 1 certified
  •  Reiki Healing Level 2 certified
  •  Pendulum Healing certified
  •  Still Meditation Teacher
  •  Chinese Yoga Teacher
  •  Tai Chi Quan Teacheer

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