Mr Mohamed Essa Education Details

اضغط على الصوره



للنسخة العربية



with my Master in China 2012


I believe in you , as I believe that I can achieve my dreams as long I am in love with them.


Meditation Education.

Mohamed studied the Chinese Taoist Meditation and Taoist Philosophy started at 1994.

He studied Tai Chi Quan and Chi Kung with Dr Yehia Fawzy in Egypt and Master Yang in China on several years.

He continued his study with one of the world famous Taoist Grand Masters Mantak Chia and later he became an Instructor from GM Mantak Chia at 2009.


My Insight Mediation Master in India

Also He studied other schools from the Indian disciplines in 2017 Mohamed Essa studied at OSHO school.

And in India at 2018 Essa continued his study in India by studing Insight Meditation.

Also he studied Dark Meditation for 2 weeks with GM Mantak Chia by staying in darkness and meditating.

Healing Education

At 2010 Mohamed Essa had lived in China for few months studying Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Mohamed Essa and Roy Hunter Phd. giving Essa his latest book.

At 2010 he became the first Egyptian Pranic Healer , after he introduced Pranic Healing to Egypt at 2007, and from that time he opened the first Pranic Healing Office in Egypt and he leaded the official representation for Egypt among the World Pranic Healing Community for several years.

He studied different healing schools as Taoist Cosmic Healing with GM Mantak Chia , and he became later a certified Instructor of Cosmic Healing at 2009. Also he studied Chi Nei Tsang Level 1 and 2 with GM Mantak Chia at 2008.

at 2013 He studied Feng Shui with one of the leading Master in the world Master Lilian Too and 2 years later 2015 He continued his study with her.

Mohamed also is a certified teacher for Meta-Health.

Mohamed also studied other schools for healing as the following

  • EFT.
  • Heart Healing.
  • Primordial Energy.
  • Color Healing Level 1 and 2 and 3.

Life Coaching and Hypnosis Education

Michael Hall

Mr Essa joined the Life Coaching track from the year 2008 by attending his first course in Cairo Egypt with Phd Michael Hall

Michael Halls is the Executive Director at The International Meta-Coach System

Meta-Coaching is an International Coach Training program based on Self-Actualization Psychology and Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology. It is a rigorous training in seven core skills of process or content-free facilitation and seven models from NLP and Neuro-Semantics to provide the most systematic coach training in the world.


Mohamed Essa and Michael Hall Phd. in the Professional Certified Meta Coach course.

Meta-Coach trainings are conducted around the world in Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, America, South Amercia.

Mohamed Essa was accredited Meta Life Coach at 2014 and then he joined followed trainings as Team Leader in the next years 2015,2016,2017.

Eric K. Willmarth and Donald Moss

at 2013 Mohamed Essa invited Eric K. Willmarth and Donald Moss to teach for the first time in the Middle East,  Eric K. Willmarth, Ph.D., is the president of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH), the largest U.S. organization for health and mental health care professionals using clinical hypnosis. For over 35 years, Eric has been involved with the study and application of clinical hypnosis in clinical practice.

Donald Moss, Ph.D., BCB, is Dean, College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences, at Saybrook University, Oakland, CA. There he has built training programs in biofeedback, clinical hypnosis, integrative mental health, wellness coaching, and integrative/functional nutrition.

Dr. Moss is currently President of the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis. He is also the ethics chair and international certification chair for the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance. He has served as president of Division 30 (hypnosis) of the American Psychological Association, and president of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB). He is also a member of the International, Interdisciplinary, and Interreligious Research Group on ‘Consciousness Studies,’ at the Pontifical Academy, “Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum,” Rome, Italy.

Robert Lewis


at 2016 and 2017 Mohamed Essa invited Robert Lewis the founder of Lewis Clinic which had been established in Harley Street for 18 years offering Hypnotherapy.

During this time the therapists working there have built its reputation for excellence and successful outcomes for clients.

Roy Hunter


at 2018 Mohamed Essa invited one of the famous Hypnotherapist , Roy was awarded an honorary doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy (for lifetime achievement) from St. John’s University in 2004 (accredited by a theological accreditating agency,

but it was not regionally accredited). Then, in 2009, he was awarded another Ph.D. from Alpha University and California University for life experience.

Roy Hunter is the published author of several books that are highly praised by professionals; and he is an experienced trainer with a strong background in sales.

In addition to teaching professional hypnosis and advanced techniques to professionals around the world, he teaches self-hypnosis to groups and clients for personal or professional motivation. Roy’s presentations include numerous workshops both in the USA and abroad, for groups and business as well as for international hypnosis conventions.


  • Arab Academy for Science and Technology , Egypt
  • Compuer Engineering Department – 2001
  • Chinese Medecine Accupuncture and Moxa Institute , China Beijing 2010
  • Chinese Medecine Specialist 2010
  • NeuroSemantics ACMC Life Coach, USA – 2013
  • American International Hypnosis Institute , Practitioner – 2016


  • Human Development Expert
  • Life Coach
  • Health Life Coach
  • BioEnergy Expert

    with My Grand Master Mantak Chia in Thailand 2008

    Chinese Medicine Specialist

  • BioEnergy Healing
  • Meditation Mentor and Teacher
  • Hypnosis Practitioner

Courses and Certificates achieved

  • World Healing Meditation Day – USA , Egypt re presenter and the event organizer every year in Egypt.
  • Head of World Healing Meditation Day – Egypt Team
  • Chromatic Healing Founder
  • Kinetic Healing Founder
  • Detox Plus Program Founder
  • FDM FREE Dynamic Meditation Founder
  • American International Hypnosis Institute, Practitioner 2016
  • Chinese Medecine Certified Specialist – Beijing China
  • FengShui Certificate from Malaysia 2015
  • FengShui Certificate from Malaysia 2013
  • Feng Shui from China Beijing 2009
  • Meta Health Teacher
  • META-Health Practitioner (META-P) Certified
  • Meta Health Cortex Dynamics, Behavioral Dynamics Courses
  • Meta Health Master Practitioner in Constellations & Behavioral Diagnostics
  • Color Healing Level 1 certified from Sweden
  • Color Healing Level 2 certified from Sweden
  • Color Healing Level 3 certified from Sweden
  • Pranic Healing and Inner Studies – Manila Philippine – Egypt branch Initiator (2006)
  • Pranic Healing Certified Teacher
  • Pranic Healing Man Essence Certified
  • Pranic Healing Feng Shui Certified
  • Pranic Healing Arhatic Yoga Certified
  • Pranic Healing Super Brain Yoga Certified
  • Pranic Healing Psycho Therapy Certified
  • Pranic Healing Crystal Healing Certified
  • Pranic Healing Self Defense Certified
  • Pranic Healing Advanced Certiried
  • Pranic Healing Basic Level certified.
  • Tao Organization – Thailand Certified Teacher
  • Tao Organization Certified Iron Shirt Teacher
  • Tao Organization Certified Dao Yin Teacher
  • Tao Organization Certified Dynamic Meditation Teacher
  • Tao Organization Certified Cosmic Healing
  • Tao Organization Certified Healing Exercises
  • Tao Organization Certified Chinese Massage Level 1
  • Tao Organization Certified Chinese Massage Level 2
  • EFT Level 1 certificate from AAMET
  • EFT Level 2 certificate from AAMET
  • EFT Level 3 certificate from AAMET
  • EFT Level 1 certificate from Tron Enger
  • EFT Level 2 certificate from Tron Enger
  • EFT Level 3 certificate from Tron Enger
  • Reiki Healing Level 1 certified
  • Reiki Healing Level 2 certified
  • Pendulum Healing certified
  • Still Meditation Teacher
  • Chinese Yoga Teacher
  • Tai Chi Quan Teacher

More info about Mr Essa

Mr Essa had studied Computer Engineering College – Egypt.

Mr Essa joined Computer Engineering Research Study in Computers College for 2 years.

worked as a professional computer engineer for 12 years , the last 8 years he was working for IBM Egypt as Professional Development Engineer. in 2005 Essa joined IBM Egypt as a senior software engineer in TDC putting the technical development design and architecture for one globalization big products in IBM- ” Rational Portfolio Manager”

his job description varied from between development and designer and team leader.
In 1994 he started practice focusing exercises with his martial art teacher Emad El Sherbeny who guided him to self awarness and and the self discovery focusing and concentration exercises journey at that early age to transform his life and consciousness in that young age,
in 2006 Essa continued his study after that with Dr.Yehia Fawzy one of the middle east experts in Martial Arts and focusing exercises.

In 2007 Essa started the first movement in Egypt to meditate in the parks by his group FREE Dynamic Meditation.
In 2008 Essa started his study with a Traditional Chinese Medicine expert “Master Chia” and in 2009 he became a certified teacher from his school in the filed of health improvement exercises

In 2010 he become a certified Energy Healing instructor.

in 2011 Essa traveled to China study Diplomat in Traditional Chinese Medicine to deep in his knowledge in Acupuncture.

In 2012 Essa founded Blue Lotus Foundation, to teach and spread the traditional medicine science.

beside to his interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine he built knowledge in psychology and coaching by studying NLP in 2009 and Neuro Semantics in 2011

in 2013 Essa got a certificate from Michell Hall in Meta Coaching in 2013

Events and Interviews

Inner Child – American Radio

Mr Essa and Mr Bill Douglas speaking about peace and inner peace the link below

Local and International Events in Egypt with Mr Essa

Mr Essa has delivered workshops for

  • images
  • index
  • also was invited by the German Embassy through Tahrir Lounge to be a speaker in World Tolerance Day in 2013tahrer
  • Mr Essa organising every year with his company the WORLD Healing Meditation Day
    please check and the Egyptian government with a main sponsor with more 7 sponsors

Media and Mr Essa

Mr Essa is being interviewed always by the main channel in Egypt and the Middle East

Also newspaper interview local and international

World Healing Meditation Day





Mr Essa speaker in World Tolerance Day organized by the German Embassy






God names healing power


Mohamed Essa contact email

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