Stress Management and Relaxation


When you seek to live a spiritual life, what matters most is not what you know, but the actions you take. How do you best embody the spiritual principles that uplift you and those whose lives you touch?

On Peaceful Meditation, you will learn one of the world’s great contemplative practices. Based on the curriculum developed at the Blue Lotus Meditation Society’s retreat center, this correspondence course is presented by Blue Lotus Foundation founder Mohamed Essa.cropped-need-to-relax_1920x1080_509-hd1.jpg

Course objectives:

  • Discover and learn to live the principles of peaceful living
  • Definition of Stress and Inner Peace.
  • Practical techniques for understanding the meanings that we create.
  • The relation between the meaning which we create and our meaning of stress.
  • Practical exercises to help the employee to connect to the positive meanings of any situation.
  • Exercises for increasing the focusing and concentration.

The Employee will learn how to see past the illusion of life’s obstacles and move toward an awakened mind state—the true freedom we seek to achieve.

Employees will learn how to establish and sustain a daily Inner Peace and Meditation practice.

1 Comments on “Stress Management and Relaxation”

  1. HELLO,

    First of all i would like to greet Eng.Mohamed Eissa for his efforts and useful tips. Then, I would like to know when will be the closest mediation course? For how long?and wt is the location and the cost. Thanks.


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