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Heliopolis – Cairo – Egypt
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2 Comments on “Contact us الاتصال”

  1. Hello Mr Mohamed I would like to talk to you about Chromatic healing in Tunisia. I was planning to register for September Chromatic healing in Tunis so I called the number on Chromatic healing Tunisia 93575475 many times no body answered I even sent SMS. I post on them Facebook page that no body answered and then Miss Rahma Haddar replied and told me that I can call we talked she even give me her phone number and I filed the application form. And we fixed the date for the payment.when it s the due date I called many times on both phone numbers even they are closed or no body answer so I posted on fb page and then she answered and we talked by PM on fb asked me to transfer money in her personal bank account. I tried to call her for the last 4 days no body answered. Do you think it’s professional what happens? Do you trust someone who never answer to the phone they don’t have office no official school name or anything? Ok even if I ll trust her if la9addar allah something happen to her before September who s going to give me my money back?
    My phone number 55999239


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