Mohamed Essa attended The first Professional Certified Meta Coach in the Middle East with Dr.Michael Hall

Mohamed Essa statused his facebook page by this warms words

الحمد الله انا سعيد كوني اني حضرت اول كورس


في الشرق الاوسط و ان اكون من اول 3 افراد يحضروا هذا الكورس في الشرق الاوسط و الحمد الله
Thanks a lot Dr. Michael Hall for conducting Professional Certified Meta Coach workshop for the first time in the Middle East,

It was amazing experience to move forward to a higher level of coaching in the Meta Coaching school, the new learned skills are amazing and these skills goes directly to the hear of things which let you feel the deep value of that science.

Thank you very much Dr. Michael Hall for Professional Certified Meta Coach workshop

Thanks for the clients who responded to my free coaching sessions offer. Thanks for you really for bringing real challenges to the table.”



Dr Michael Hall comment



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