Engineer in a white coat

Nowadays , when I speak, many people do not believe in what I say and they start to attack me A few years ago,

may be around 15 years from now, when I was speaking people around me was considering me just a “dreamer” and I remember my father words to me ” I think you are a big boy now for what you believe in ” It is a journey of 20 years.

I started as a dreamer and people around me did not belive in my dream. Now after 20 years, I have achieved my dreams and what I believed in. Nowadays when I say what I have Achieved, people again do not believe and consider me Crazy or have a lack of logic nowadays I started to start begin all my lectures by a typical phrase ” Hello Every body , welcome to the lecture , if you do not believe in what I will say that proves that you are normal ”

:))) being normal or not normal is a matter of perspective I am sure after may be 10 years from now I will be in another stage but I am not sure how people around me will be seeing me at that time and the more important how I will see myself. I am really curious to know!

Let me share with you what was my dream My dream started 20 years ago when I was sick and I believed that I can heal myself with my thoughts only without any medications I had traveled over the world collecting information and knowledge, I remember a day when I was in China standing at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital wearing the white coat and around me many Chinese Medicine Doctors and I said to myself ” I can not Imagine how a Computer Engineer is studying Chinese Medicine in China and wearing the white coat of medical people and practicing Acupuncture” Now , I have achieved that and I have taught more than 12000 persons how to do that and privately I have taught people with more advanced diseases , like kidney , Gall bladder,blood sugar problems how to be totally cured In many cases and many things I had I did not believe that the power of the brain can achieve that. In many lectures I stand and say ” Guys I am an Engineer , one day I was non believer in what I am doing now , and I was looking analytically and logically with what I have studied in my college at every thing . Now a days if any one came to me and told me about any thing any time anywhere I would accept it and I would look deeply in what he or she are saying ” My journey still has a long way to go. My mission is partially accomplished and I am still going


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